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About Us

I had no idea what to expect as I rolled down a long, dusty gravel driveway in the summer of 2017. At the end stood a shed with a ramble of stainless steel tanks, wooden barrels stacked three-high on timbers, hoses, buckets and some equipment I’d never laid eyes on before. 

I remember thinking this was a colossal change for me, but the opportunity and freedom of working outside was invigorating! Long, hot summer days followed as we rummaged around vineyards pulling berries from the vines for a quick taste to see where the fruit was up to. We then hustled like crazy to harvest and process incredible fruit in record time. It was a side of the wine industry I’d never seen before, and I quickly realised it was exactly where I was meant to be.

The summer I’m talking about was spent at Collector Wines in Murrumbateman. Just after I sold my restaurant - Pulp Kitchen in Canberra. I hung up my apron after more than a decade as a Chef and Restauranteur in search of a new adventure. 

Starting as a Vintage Hand, I obsessively learnedabout getting a grape to the perfect point before picking and processing. Pruning the vines with precision, monitoring nutrients and water, netting for birds, predicting weather, managing pests and everything in between. 

I fell in love with wine making that moment, and ever since, I’ve been intrigued by the unique heartbeat of each vineyard I work with.

That 2017 vintage turned into fulltime work at Collector Wines, then a Bachelor of Wine Science and Charles Sturt University, and my own wine label - Linear Wines. 

Over the past 5 years I’ve been producing premium, small batch wines that pair beautifully with seasonal foods you regularly enjoy at home. It’s been incredibly rewarding to showcase my culinary experience through the winemaking process to create wines that people love.

My value of the customer experience combined with a deep respect for the farmers growing beautiful grapes is something I've been fortunate to bring with me to this industry.

Today, I spend my spare time helping growers tend to their vineyard which gives me the unique opportunity to find small and interesting parcels of fruit scattered throughout the Canberra district, Hilltops, Gundagai and Tumbarumba regions. 

At the perfect moment, I harvest and process these small batches of high-quality fruit to showcase their unique character and achieve a wine that pairs beautifully with seasonal foods.

I look forward to the opportunity to share these unique wines with you.

Nathan Brown

Wine Maker | Owner